COMELLI VACCA is confirmed as a partner of ABIServizi S.p.A. for the 2022 edition of “Il Salone dei Pagamenti” 30 November 2022 – Posted in: News – Tags: , ,

Once again this year, Comelli Vacca Law and Tax Firm, with a team led by co-founder Augusto Vacca and including the associates Silvia Sulli and Roberta Fonte, has supported ABIServizi S.p.A. in the organisation of the 2022 edition of ‘Il Salone dei Pagamenti’, held in Milan on 23, 24 and 25 of November 2022.

The event, promoted by ABI and organised by ABIServizi through the ABIEventi Unit, aims to be an open innovation platform capable of narrating innovation from current events to specialised topics, through the participation of the main players operating both nationally and internationally in the payment services market.

The numerous panels in which the event was divided made it possible to bring together and compare all the players involved in the digital payments ecosystem, such as institutions, banks, the financial world, payment circuits, businesses, public administration, digital companies, start-ups and fintech companies, as well as professionals, the retail industry, young people and students.

Comelli Vacca Law and Tax Firm has supported ABIServizi as a technical-legal partner mainly in the drafting, the negotiation and the conclusion of all active and passive contracts crucial to the organisation of the digital event, including partnership, licensing and sponsorship agreements.

ABIServizi Spa promotore de ‘Il Salone dei Pagamenti’